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bill mcgowan
Hey all y'all!
Welcome to my home
here at PAGEOY!

Thanks for visiting.  Allow me to tell you a little about myself.  I'm Bill -- Bill McGowan.

When I'm in work mode, that means I'm creating ad campaigns or producing videos for corporations and -- my passion -- small businesses.  Being a consultant is rewarding when I'm able to help owners more effectively tell their stories so they can better market their businesses and products.

Giving voice to some very brave people.
Taking C-suite execs out of this world.
During the time I'm not working with clients, I'm working for myself writing books.  I write about things I know or topics that make me think deeper.  I've written a novel, a couple of religious/philosophical books and one on dating....
Play-mode will find me hiking, biking, kayaking or playing my ukulele -- 
that's right, I'm a uker! Got one for Father's Day from 
my oldest daughter, Kelly.  It's a lot of fun.