Comment, Connect, Create, Curious? PAGEOY       Page Authoring Tool by PAGEOY Marketing

Quickly, easily combine images, text, videos, and interactive links
 on a single page or a series of pages. Everything you need to 
express yourself -- Click. Click. Done.
Email, Post, Tweet, Text.

All without coding or HTML knowledge.
Work from Anywhere

Start making your page on iPad Pro, finish it on a PC or Mac. Download the PAGEOY button to your iPhone, import, share photos as you take them. The photos are instantly available on the Editor Photo Roll on your other devices ready to be used. It all works seamlessly.

View your work pages instantly on your smartphone while working on them.

Again: Freed Expression.  No limits.

Create your page

Choose the blank page. Add images, text and videos. Resize them. Move them anywhere on the page until the magic happens...that moment when the layout you've envisioned comes alive.
Work with Templates

Want a more traditional look to your page? Choose from an assortment of page templates. Simply replace the text, images, videos and URL links, change the colors to your liking and you should be done in no time.

Feel it needs a few adjustments? You can always resize, move things around.

It's what we call, "Freed Expression."  And it's why we say, "Your story. Your way."
Click on the screen shot to view the final produced page
Super convenient. Super fast.

Automatic save and finish later

Your page is saved automatically in the cloud while you're working on it. Need to take a break?  Just click "DONE FOR NOW" on the editor toolbar. It takes you out of editor. Come back, your page is waiting for you to continue editing.  
Everything you need to create pages quickly, easily is right in front of you -- editing controls, photos, decorators -- just a short cursor move away.  Click. Click.

Need more photos?  Click "IMPORT PHOTOS" on the tool bar. Select as many as you want. They appear almost instantly, ready for placement. Oh wait -- the ones needed are on another device. No worries. Just import from that device and keep on working. The photos will appear, ready for use. 

Click the "T" button on the Editor Control Panel. A text box appears on the page. Click on a photo, click on the page. The photo appears. No more drag and drop. Click. Click. 

Want to stretch a photo? Click the "P" buttons on the editor control panel. A default photo will appear. Click the photo you want, click the default. Your photo of choice instantly replaces the default, ready for your re-shaping.

Resizing photos, text boxes couldn't be easier. Click the right or left lower corner or any side. Pull out. Push in.  Resize.

Moving text boxes, photos is even easier. Click the top left corner. Move wherever you desire. 

Don't need the text box or photo? Click the upper right corner. Gone.

OOPS -- I didn't really want to do that!  Relax, PAGEOY has your back.  Click the "UNDO" button on the top of the editor control panel. What you were working on reappears, instantly.

Want to add interactivity? It's so easy to do --click on the yellow buttons on the editor control panel.
View the Movie Promotion Page
Click on the screenshot to view the final produced page
Layers. Interactivity. Video. 

All just a click away. Now that's Freed Expression.
PAGEOY Buttons

"Button" is your passport to any destination on the web.  If it has a URL, you can get there... and so can your audience.

No coding. No tricks.  Just magic.  Copy the URL, paste it to the button.  Done.

Add as many buttons as you want, wherever you want.  Label them, color them, size them. You're in complete control.

Have product or story pages you want people to see?  Create a Master Directory page. One button, one page destination.  You can even link to videos.

Try it.  You'll be amazed at the options it makes possible.

Pop Video

Videos are more popular than ever...and distracting.  Put one in an email or word document, your reader gets routed to YouTube and may never get back to your message... because those latest cat and dog videos are just so darn cute!

But not with PAGEOY Pop Video.  Pop one on your page.  Move it where you want it (ever been able to do that before?) Make it whatever size you want (or that?).  Add some text. Support it with a graphic or photo. Pop in another video. Or three. Or TEN.

Do all of the above -- and more -- with confidence because you know your viewers will never leave the PAGEOY page experience.

True interactivity -- without interruption is now possible. Finally.

Let's face it.  Creating can get messy.  You click in images.  You write some text.  You find more images.  Add more text. It's fast. It's furious. It's exciting.

It's chaos.

Not to worry. PAGEOY's layering feature quickly helps you bring order to the universe of your page.

Move an image to the background.  Click. Click. Move a text block to the foreground. Click. Click.

Want to move it back?  You guessed it.  Click. Click.

Your imagination has no limits.  Neither does your favorite means of expression.
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Works beautifully on iPad Pro

PAGEOY is optimized to work smoothly, seamlessly on iPad Pro. Portrait mode. Landscape. It doesn't matter. Quick, easy page creation is truly at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Use Apple Pencil for an even easier, more satisfying experience. 

And wait until you see how your hi-def photos look.  



You may never create on another device ever again.

PAGEOY works great with Surface Pro 4, as well.
Here's a tip: Use the side of your thumb to move the edges, 
your finger for the corners.
Keep telling your story with Page Series 

Is your story just getting started with the first page? Add another page. And another. Before. After. In- between. Doesn't matter.  

Create campaigns, make brochures, tell an epic vacation tale.  Anything you desire, the length you desire. Remember, this is "Your story. Your way." 
Simply use the +↓ button and +↑ button located at the top of the page to add a new page before or after. Use the - button to delete the page. Use the "POST" button to add a reminder or a note. Edit pages individually. They'll publish as a set once you click, "PUBLISH." Way cool. 

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