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Create unique, magazine-quality web pages quickly. Sell directly through your pages. Broadcast with one click on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Send private email or bulk email. Create unique, always current website in 2 seconds. Get deep insights on the engagement of the pages.

All directly from PAGEOY.
Run your digital marketing on 
every channel across all devices
No IT. No Webmaster. No Setup.

The power to present the story of your business exactly your way.  It's now at your fingertips. Be as creative as you want because now you can. Let the world know about your unique business...with flair, fun, and style. Then watch it go viral.

Engage with your audience as never before. Dazzle them. Let your branded, emotionally engaging, and highly creative pages do the magic.

Leverage PAGEOY Social to build and grow your community around your business. It makes the communication even easier and more enjoyable.

Drive sales as you are engaging with the audience. 

Communication. Engagement. Transaction. All at once.

Real time inventory data or daily specials? Easily updated, published, shared.

Links to your pages can be sent to everyone on your emailing list or to any of your social network channels. - CLICK -  They instantly see what you want them to see, exactly how you want them to see it, be it on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Products, services, special offerings can be presented in easy-to-create, branded, beautiful, visually rich engaging pages. Singles.  Multiples. Create banner advertisements, sales fliers, marketing campaigns. Create a catalog.  All are easy to update, revise, expand without starting from scratch every time.

Create banner ads, marketing campaigns, catalogs, fliers, daily specials and more!
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Run your email marketing

Modern, easy-to-use, effective

Perfect for communicating long messages such as sales offers, product introductions, marketing campaigns, catalogues, etc. The entire workflow is built in PAGEOY so you don't have to go anywhere else. And  it's as easy as 1, 2, 3 like everything else.

Make top of the line contents. Make as long as you want, however you want. Even organize them via buttons.
Launch our Gold email program with a touch of icon. Enter the summary (i.e. marketing pitch), email subject, headline, and the button label. Manage email lists as you are preparing to send email.
Hit the send button. DONE!

When the recipients view the email, they see your logo, headline, photo, and the button in a beautiful magazine format. Just enough to get them excited to learn more by clicking on the button! And bingo, they see your beautiful pages. Of course, your pages can direct them to your website or to your transaction page or anywhere you want them to go as they are viewing the pages. 
Get real time insights

Easy-to-understand, actionable

You can get useful insights on how your campaigns are performing on your distribution channels -- email, Facebook, and Twitter. All from one screen, right from PAGEOY. 

For your email marketing campaigns, you can know how many recipients requested for unsubscribes, how many recipients actually clicked on the email button to view your pages. You can get more detailed information on how people interacted with your pages. For example, how many buttons were clicked on your pages, which buttons were opened, which embed videos were viewed, etc.

 On your Facebook and Twitter channel, you can get information on how many people viewed your pages from Facebook, and twitter feed. Furthermore, how they interacted with your pages, etc.

You also have the information on the devices your campaigns were being viewed. For example,  whether they were viewed on iPhone, iPad, Android, or Desktop. 

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Sell directly through your page

And to make the experience more profitable for everyone, the PAGEOY Premium E-Commerce Plug-in makes it easy for anyone to purchase your goods and services directly from your pages.  - CLICK - Readers are advanced to your purchase transaction page.  SOLD!  Just like that.

Easy communication. Easy engagement. Easy transactions. It's all at your fingertips.

PAGEOY for Business. Helping business communicate their story their way, drive sales, build brand, and grow community all at the same time.

Invite your email listers to join you on PAGEOY.  Build a community that is all about you and your product or services.  

Dialogue is easy.  And sharing product information & offers becomes super easy. Make a page. Publish it. Instantly it appears in the home page of each of your subscribers.

Build community around your business
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Create unique, always current website

Your business is dynamic -- constantly adapting as it moves forward. What about your website? Is it exactly same as it was six months ago -- or worse -- is it nickel and diming you to reduced profits as you struggle to keep it updated and relevant?

PAGEOY makes it easier than ever to create pages that work for you and your business. How easy? No coding. No HTML. No webmaster...Which means, no fees for making or updating your web-based information...because you can do it yourself. Now your web presence can keep up with the speed of your day-to-day business so very minute of every day, you can tell your story, your way.
Going viral couldn't get easier
Get your pages on to a world trip -- one click is what is takes

It's easier than ever to get your word around on the web your way. Make your beautiful interactive pages. Publish them. PAGEOY automatically inserts social media tags on your pages so the link looks elegant on Facebook and Twitter feed when it is posted.

Post your link to Facebook and Twitter from PAGEOY with one click. Of course, the real magic happens when people click on the link and view your creative, fun, branded pages. Watch your pages and your business go viral!

Set your message free -- one click is all it takes

'Round and 'round your pages will go, wherever it keeps on going!

Every published PAGEOY page can be emailed, tweeted and posted on Facebook. It can even be texted -- all at the touch of an icon. Think of the possibilities...And when that page arrives at its destined recipients, they can just as easily email it, tweet it, post it and text it. Make beautiful, engaging, pages and let other people help you get your word around with one click.
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Have a long story to tell? Make interactive magazine -- It's easy

Use PAGEOY buttons to organize your magazine. Make a beautiful cover with buttons to link your other pages. Add e-commerce plugins to the pages to drive sales.

Your magazine is a standalone link. View it on any browser on mobile, tablet, PC, or Mac. Use the browser back and forward buttons to switch between the pages. Share it with your clients, customers, or whomever, or the whole world. Or simply embed it in your business signature as a front face to your business.
No Single Page Is Big Enough to Contain Your Story?

Then make a series of them. No Story is too big or powerful. Need a brochure or may be a catalog? PAGEOY is there for you. Need video or e-commerce capability? PAGEOY has your back. Use buttons to create as many links and types of links as your story requires, quickly, easily. Remember, it's all about your story, your way...any way you need it to. And since stories as grand as yours need to be shouted from the mountaintops, PAGEOY helps you do that -- with PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. If there is WiFi, your story is there.
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