Comment, Connect, Create, Curious? PAGEOY       PAGEOY marketing internship 2014 by Team PAGEOY
Marketing Internship

Our Mission

Empower people to easily make beautiful magazine-quality pages however they desire and which can be shared easily with anyone or with the whole world.
Why us for marketing internship?

PAGEOY offers a unique ground floor opportunity to learn about marketing strategy and tactics to create the buzz, build a loyal following, and establish a brand for a game changing hi-tech consumer product. You will be very hands-on applying your learning into tangible actions under the supervision of experienced marketing person. And have tons of fun at the same time!!! 

Do you want to help adoption of the next gen social and business communication on the web? PAGEOY is the place if you do.

Who are you?

You are restless, and fascinated about new technology tools and products which make people's life better. You are funny and have a unique blend of creativity and smartness. You are a leader who can influence the crowd with your wit, your knowledge, and your passion. You are always in the learning mode and want to see things in action. You have a knack for marketing and you see yourself being a great marketer in your career. 

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