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At the Office
The day begins with a temperature check and questions as to any symptoms.
Sanitizing and disinfectant supplies are inventoried and re-stocked if needed.
Face coverings are worn by all installers... are gloves.
They are worn even when driving to the project location.
At the Job Site...
A "CoVid Procedures In Use" notice is attached to the front entry.
Pathways are covered with tarps.
(We've always done this.)
Furniture within rooms is covered with single-use plastic.
Installers change their gloves multiple times a day.
They wear masks and gloves throughout the installation process.
When work in a room is finished...
The plastic is carefully gathered to reduce the release of particles into the air.
Tarps are sprayed with disinfectant...
...and carefully rolled and gathered.
The uncovered areas are spayed with disinfectant.
The entire floor is then vacuumed.
Once cleaned, the room door is then closed, with no entry allowed 
until final inspection/walk-through with the home owner.
Each truck is equipped with a water supply for thorough hand washing with soap.
At the end of the day -- or before moving to another installation site -- 
the truck is thoroughly wiped down with disinfecting cloths.
Even the tools get disinfected.
Extra work? Yes, but worth it to give our customers peace of mind.
If you have any questions, please give us a call.

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